March 21

How Much Do Painters Charge Per Hour


How Much Do Painters Charge Per Hour

Running a small business ins incredibly challenging. There are so many variables that no one ever tells you about when you are planning to start a small business. 

To run a contractor business like painting, you have to have a variety of insurance coverages. You have to be covered in case someone gets hurt or in case you break something at a customer’s home. 

You also have to pay a percentage to be able to process credit cards. Variables galore. 

Even hiring in an industry like painters can be difficult because you want to ensure you are bringing the best of the best into your customers’ homes. It is important to have someone that you are proud to have represent your company.  

So how do painters go about charging their customers?

My response to this question is, “How much would you expect to pay for a car?” Well, that of course depends on things like the year, the model, the mileage, etc. 

The same is true for painting. Exterior painting presents far more challenges and danger so the hourly rate will be likely be higher. 

Interior painting also has a variation in hourly pricing because some interior painting requires that we reach very high places in the home. 

Is cheap really the way to go with house painters?

House painters have come with a pretty bad reputation and usually it is for good reason. Painting is a difficult trade that often has a hard time attracting consistently good employees. 

So, the house painters that are cheaper are not always the best. How reliable will they be? How  professional will they be. How respectful of your home and your time will they be. 

We have lost quite a few bids to these “bargain” painters to only hear back from the homeowner months later after they realize they have been ripped off. 

Poor quality. Unfinished work. Cigarettes breaks on the clock. When you choose a painter, cheap is not always best. 

So how do you choose a house painter?

Choosing a painter can be a difficult challenge. 

  • Get multiple quotes - this should go without saying, but just because they are the first guy you talk to doesn’t mean they are the best. 
  • Check their credentials - are you dealing with a licensed painter if they are significantly cheaper than the competition?
  • Check their reviews - it is getting harder and harder to fake reviews so if you really want the best, make sure you read all of their reviews.  

All that to say, there is not a flat rate that painters charge per hour because there are so many factors to consider. But a painter who is straight forward about the fact that their pricing is dependent on the job is the kind of painter you can trust. How much do painters charger per hour? There really isn’t a straight answer. 


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